Rise of DIY Marketing

There’s definitely a rise in the number of businesses trying their hand at their own marketing. Most of us have our own personal social media accounts so social media marketing must be easy enough, right? All the basic tools are easy enough to find on the internet: there are ready-made design templates available on Canva and dozens of sites where you can download royalty free images.

And how do we know that there’s a rise in DIY marketers? Because a lot of them appear to use the same templates and the same images.

While these businesses are doing what they feel best to promote their product or service – which is likely to be outstanding - what they can end up doing is diluting their brand. Turning their brand into a nothingness – and that is a real shame.

Their product or service deserves better. Its excellence and quality should be mirrored in its marketing. Customers WILL judge the product by the quality of the marketing; if it feels cheap, this presumption won’t shift.

Do you need to be doing all that?

I’ve searched ‘DIY Marketing’ and was disappointed, but not surprised, with what I read. The articles are clearly written for the masses and instruct the reader to be active on ALL the main social media platforms, do a newsletter, blog like your life depended on it, create a flyer – basically flog yourself to death, spend loads of time on it and throw money at it for good measure.

This approach makes my toes curl.

There was little around actual marketing; nothing to say find out who your customers are and how to talk directly to them, identify where they are and which social media platforms they hang out on, understand exactly what they want to hear and have clarity on the way you want your customers to feel.

In the articles I read there was nothing about WHY you are creating all this content and zilch about building a brand which is way more than a logo and a particular font.

What gets my goat

There’s a lot of info out there which quite frankly misleads the reader. I do what I do with the ultimate aim to get the best for my clients – I work with them to get them more customers, more business, more leads. I want them to see an increase to their bottom line.

If marketing doesn’t hit the right notes or reach the right audience, it won’t achieve what you want it to do. Fact.

· It won’t necessarily be cost-effective. Without the creativity or marketing knowledge of an expert, the time and money spent crafting something may fall on deaf ears, or worse still, put off your ideal customer.

· Your marketing is likely to be inconsistent. As a business owner you have your own set of talents. Use your time to do what you do best. If you end up burning the candle at both ends to find the extra time needed to market yourself, then your creativity is going to be careless. Plus, the moment you stop ‘showing up’ and your brand isn’t in front of your customers they’ll start listening to your competitors.

· Do you honestly know what to write? If you were to create a marketing plan for the next three months, would you have something different and engaging to say every week? If not, there’s a risk that you’ll end up repeating yourself or stopping altogether. Both actions will turn people away and they’ll forget about you.

· Could you design an email and optimise the subject lines? Around 20% of business emails get opened. And 33% of this 20% say that they opened it because of the subject line. This this in mind, isn’t it best to leave it to a professional?

· Social media marketing is harder than you think? We can all post, but it’s another matter integrating it into a long-term business strategy. If you don’t know where this fits into your sales funnel you may get likes and comments but you’re unlikely to get business from it.

Time is money. Time is scarce.

Time is a rare commodity these days, don’t waste it on something that someone else can do better.

There’s a reason that hairdressers, tree surgeons, wedding cake makers, kitchen fitters and the like exist. And it’s no different for creative agencies. Just because you can do something yourself, it doesn’t mean that you should.

Do yourself a favour and step away from Canva

To stand out from the crowd and be heard you need a distinct brand to set you apart from the others. Creatives that support a marketing campaign should be like a signature – instantly recognisable. Let’s face it, it’s getting noisy out there and DIY marketing is not doing much other than allowing you to blend in with the others.

Trust me, good communications are worth the investment. They help customers find you (not the other way around!), they create an emotional connection with your customer, it influences customers to choose you and not your competitor, it drives leads, it increases sales it smooths out the peaks and troughs. And finally, it’s cost effective and gives you precious time back


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