It’s All About You, Not Me

If the title of this blog hasn’t woken up your earworm, then this next bit will. ‘All About You’ is a cheery tune performed by McFly. Its annoyingly catchy lyrics have been clearly created with young hopefuls in mind, to send a message that it won’t serve them well to just talk about themselves.

I remember a few years ago a friend of mine went on a first date. The next day I called to see how it went. I asked some pretty basic questions, things like, ‘so, what does she do for a living’, and ‘what does she like to do in her spare time’. The response, ‘Oh, I don’t know, I didn’t ask’.

You won’t be surprised to learn that she never returned any of his subsequent calls or messages.

He’s a great guy by the way, so what she found out about him wouldn’t have put her off. I can guarantee that it was purely to do with the fact that he failed to show interest in her. Although deep down he was mega keen!

We had a long chat after that. Thinking back, maybe I should have played ‘All About You’ in the background to stimulate his subliminal consciousness.

The fine line between offering and gathering information

For any agency out there planning to have its own theme tune, you can’t go far wrong if you decide to adopt McFly’s best-selling single.

It’s natural that your potential customers will want to learn a lot about you. They’ll need to glean valuable insights to enable them to make the best well-informed decision about who they ultimately choose to do business with.

Many agencies fall into the trap of telling their clients every minute detail about themselves and their service but believe me when I say that a lot of this information just won’t be important to them.

Out of all the things that they can learn about you, they’ll definitely need to know that you have their best interests at heart. That you’re completely customer-centric in your approach. To demonstrate your commitment, you must ask questions.

Without this clarity, how are you going to help them achieve success?

The right questions

We’ve established that asking questions is a great strategy. But that’s only the start of it, asking the wrong questions can put people off too. In fact, asking the wrong questions, can make people wish that you hadn’t asked any in the first place.

So, if you hire a marketing agency to help you attract new customers and to strengthen existing relationships and all you get asked about is things like when the company started, when did you acquire this building, and what’s your best-selling product, you need to run for the hills.

What you need is for an agency to ask you questions that puts you and your customer at the very core. To help you unlock exactly what it is that you need.

You need to be answering questions that explore how you want your customers to feel, how you make their lives better, how you solve their problems, what your values are, and what’s your culture like.

While facts are important, identifying emotions and principals are crucial.

Why the F word?

Feelings matter. They solidify connections with customers. They resonate. They allow you to nurture your customers at every stage of the customer journey. Without feelings, a relationship will never develop.

The ultimate pitch

Here at Good Comms, we turn the traditional pitch style 180°. We make it all about you.

Our aim is to know more about you and for you to feel excited enough to want to get to know us better. We’ll share with you the benefits of working with us, but there’ll be plenty of time for you to get to know us more intimately: to understand the way that we work, to learn about our vision, to discover what our idea of success is, and how we’ll deliver long-term value.

We’re a small team so it’s us you’ll meet at the pitch. We’ve seen first-hand pitches from other agencies where a senior member of the team who is undoubtedly an expert at pitching take the lead at this key introductory stage, only to do a disappearing act soon after leaving a colleague that the client has never met to work with them. That sucks.

Don’t be blinded by previous achievements

To us, you’ll never be just another logo that’s added to our website under ‘Worked With …’ for our own ego.

We don’t believe you should work with us because of our current or past campaigns, we believe you should make the decision to work with us based on our forward-thinking approach, our potential, our culture, and our future. Our commitment to be a part of your journey for the right reason. Your success.

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