I just want a @$%^&!-ing zip replacing!

Recent research shows agencies need to be reactive, tactical, and responsive to their clients’ needs. Do we agree? You bet, it’s something we’ve done from Day One.

There are moments in everyone’s working day when they just want a little something. It might not be much but finding a helping hand or support for a ‘one-off’ solution can be difficult. For example, the other day a zip burst on my favourite trousers. I really wished I’d listened and learned more in Life Skills at school but I was probably ‘soooooo boo-ooo-ored’. Getting a simple thing like a zip replaced isn’t a simple thing as it happens; not every dry cleaner offers a repair service and, although it’s quite a small job, dressmakers charge a fortune.

It's a bit like that for design agency clients at the moment. Remember February 2020 when you spent a fortune rolling out that 5-year creative marketing plan but all you want to do now is send your customers an email to update them on how your business is reacting to the latest Covid legislation? Or that you’re now going to start doing open heart surgery online or something.

On this occasion, you don’t want a strategy – you have a plan on the back-burner. You don’t want a big idea – we, or someone less good , may have already delivered one. You just want help with a social post, a one-off email campaign, or to adapt your branding. All you need is an agency with a listening ear and a can-do attitude, but one that you can rely on implicitly. And that’s the key, knowing you can rely on someone to just get it done is a great feeling. Someone who can take the pressure off without asking a multitude of questions which just eats more time up. An agency that understands you, your brand and how you work. After all you don’t want the pressure getting so bad that that flipping zip bursts again!

The past 12 months have seen many of our long-term plans fly out of the window. Some of them may no longer be applicable in the post-covid landscape we live in. In other cases, plans have had to have been drawn up, from home, on a dining room table to meet the changing demands and buying habits of your customers.

So, what do our clients really think?

According to a recent agency / client survey, a report based on nearly 600 interviews, a whopping 60% of clients believe that they’re now choosing more tactical solutions over strategic ones. Either because of the fast-paced political landscape or ever-changing marketplace, 74% of clients report that they’re finding it difficult – or even impossible – to plan, and 90% say that they are unable to give as much consideration to longer term brand building as they would like. That last figure is a 19% upswing on last year which suggests that this is a trend that’s been bubbling away for some time – Covid has just accelerated it.

Many agencies offer a package of services – some of which may not apply to your needs these days. If all you want is a pragmatic supportive agency who understands real-world, ‘it is what it is’ requirements. At Good Comms we’ve always been a little bit bespoke. Since Day One, our model has been to be reactive to our clients’ immediate needs, helping them to create long-term or short-term creative solutions. Our experienced teams have weathered economic storms from Black Monday to the crash of 2008 and so are poised and ready to ‘just get things done’.

Covid and Brexit have combined to present some industries with a double whammy of challenges, and that’s leading them to re-appraise their whole way of talking to customers. We have had a few briefs that have necessitated an immediate response – whether it’s a ‘go-go-go!’ email campaign in response to a directive from Boris or a ‘pull-up the drawbridge’ reaction to the outcome of Brexit.

Like our clients, agencies understand change is fast – and we understand that it is important to get your message out there NOW. Being smaller means we’re not rolled-up in the red tape of some larger agencies. Our structure is simple with no layers of bureaucracy and strict procedures; we prefer a flexible, collaborative approach. We can do this because we have the experience and expertise to back it up. We all began our journeys in some of the UK’s largest advertising agencies and we’ve some exciting brands on our CVs too. So, we’re happy to jump when you need us too, we won’t argue we’ll just say, ‘how high, how fast and what do you want us to bring down with us?’

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