I can see it, but I just can’t grab it…

Our lives well and truly got disrupted in March 2020. Our aspirations changed. Our needs changed. The way we do business changed. Our shopping habits changed. Cripes, even our hairstyles changed!

But change has always brought about opportunities. So much so, that more millionaires are made during recessions where change is pretty much unavoidable.

Millionaire, eh? That sounds good right?

Now, imagine for a moment seeing an opportunity, grabbing it, running with it and really visualising it coming to fruition – there’s plenty of money coming in, your customers haven’t been happier, your manager loves you, and you’re up for an award. That was an awesome few minutes you have to agree before that bloomin’ reality bubble burst.

Does that bubble have to burst?

No, not every time.

We feel it’s our mission as an agency to tell you that we’re here for you. If time is the thing to hold you back, we can give that back to you. If a lack of creativity is preventing you from progressing, we’ve got stacks of it. If you feel like you don’t have the energy to carry it through, then we have to make it known that we are annoyingly energetic and have lots to spare.

And sometimes that bubble bursts simply because you can’t fit the pieces together to make it work although you understand without hesitation what it is you want to achieve. Hey, we’re great at problem solving and filling in gaps too.

So, when we hear someone’s bubble bursting, it fills us with sadness because we could have made a difference.

Making opportunities work for you

It may seem right now that you’re hamstrung, relying on the powers that be to tell you that you can or can’t do something. We’ve seen first-hand just how busy businesses are having to manage and adapt to change as best they can.

This state of limbo is a huge obstacle preventing managers and their teams from focussing on the bigger strategic plans.

Never has it made more sense than to start a conversation with an external agency. An agency like ours with a small team committed to support you and your future.

Sure, we can give you back time, inject creativity and elevate your plans into something really special. But that’s just for starters.

· We have expert knowledge of your industry.

· We understand what your customers are looking for. And what they need. Sometimes they don’t even know it yet.

· We follow trends like our lives depend on them allowing us to look forward and stay one step ahead.

· We’ll keep talking.

Opportunity knocks

Next time you hear opportunity knocking, no matter how faint the tapping, open the door and invite it in.

The Good Comms team is made up of talented creative and design experts who have all worked for large advertising agencies. But the thing with large agencies is that they’re all too often bound by rules, regulations and red tape.

The freedom we have as a small independent agency means we can react quicker and get things done sooner. In a nutshell we’re the agency that’ll have your back.

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