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If only Eureka pots were a thing! When we plan and budget, we compartmentalise things don’t we. There’s a pot for wages, a pot for stationery, a pot for tech, a pot for this and a pot for that. But what happens when that ‘aha’ moment strikes – have you set aside money to take it forward?

No, we’re not giving out financial advice as an additional service. We just have our clients’ best interests at heart.

‘I’ve a great idea!’

Now, there are two reasons why a creative agency may say these words to a client.

Sadly, there are agencies that think of ways to increase their bottom line and use their clients’ campaigns as a vehicle to get them awards. These, ‘give us your money’ teams seeking kudos for everything they do should be avoided. It’s unlikely that their idea will benefit you, or your clients. You should be asking yourself, “is this really an ‘aha’ moment, or a ploy to extract more money from my business.”

Then, there’s another breed of agency, the ones like us, who take time to understand our clients and the needs of their ideal customers. So, it should come as no surprise that we approach our clients with great ideas. We’ve tonnes of experience when it comes to creating communications that work incredibly well and achieve amazing results. When we intuitively know that something will work for a client, we tell them – we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t consider all possibilities.

Trust, respect and understanding

I’m sure I’ve heard these three words in an Erasure song. For those readers who have never heard of Erasure, they were a synth-pop band from the 80s and 90s. I digress …

You can’t put a price on a strong and trusting working relationship. Myself and the team here at Good Comms nurture every single one of our working relationships. We know what delights our clients, we understand their frustrations, we’ve figured out what makes them stand out against their competitors and we respect them. We also respect their budget and will only put forward an idea or concept we truly believe will deliver a good return for their money.

It’s never about us. It’s always about our clients and their customers. Every single time.

Is a Eureka pot really needed?

In an ideal world, every marketing team would have a stash of extra cash to bring out when needed. But we don’t live in an ideal world. Sadly, there’s rarely a pot of money gathering dust somewhere on a shelf.

But from our vast and varied experience we know when a great idea will pay off and these are the ones worth finding the budget for. And we’ll be the ones brave enough to ask for it.

A great idea, that nearly didn’t make it.

After over 20 years in the creative advertising world, you might imagine that I have an anecdote or two to highlight my point and it just so happens I do!

Many moons ago when advertising agency teams wore suits (yes that long ago) I was working for a new creative agency that was pitching for a sizeable advertising and media campaign for a regional radio station.

The station was haemorrhaging listeners and research had shown that the younger audience in the region simply weren’t listening. The creative team were very brave indeed and decided to pitch in a single concept to the client. And the concept was all about sex. Because apparently “sex sells” according to the creative director.

The campaign concepts were really edgy, and the combination of raunchy visuals and smutty headlines really was eye watering stuff. (It wouldn’t stand a hope in hell of working today). Winning the pitch would put the agency on the map and secure revenue for years to come, so there was a lot riding on it.

We pitched the concepts to a boardroom full of the radio station’s senior management team including the chairman and the owner of the station itself who was an octogenarian at the very least!

The stony silence with which the concepts were greeted was painful. Board after board was met with a grimace and a wince. Not a smile, not a nod, nothing.

We collected our concept boards and walked out in silence apart from these words, “thanks for coming”.

The recriminations and questions about the creative started in the lift down to the radio station lobby. “What the hell were you thinking”, “they hated it”, “did you see the face of the chairman, he looked like he was going to explode”.

Anyway, on the way back to the agency office we got a call from the station marketing manager, we had won the pitch and the station wanted to run with the campaign asap.

Apparently, the moment we left the boardroom, the entire management team turned to look at the chairman at the top of the table, his stony face still un-readable. And then he blurted out “that’s the best f***ing thing I’ve seen in ages”.

The campaign ran. It was a great success. It gained national TV and press coverage. And got the client thousands and thousands of new listeners – mission accomplished!

So, the moral of the story is, great ideas will always win through, you can bank on that, believe me.

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