If ever there was a need for a new Haynes manual to be written, then this is it. We’d love for a copy of ‘You Can’t Run On Empty: A Guide To Effectively Work With A Creative Agency’ on every bookshelf. And yes, there’s probably a catchier car-themed title to be had, but you get our drift.

There are so many instances in our lives when we work so hard to get the balance right. It’s not always work related either, it can be anything from baking a cake to parenting. So, how do we know when we’re doing too much or doing too little, or when to ask for help – probably when things start to go wrong.

Maybe if we just spent a little more time identifying our own strengths and discovering the expertise in others, then finding the perfect balance to get things right might not be that difficult after all.

A rose-coloured outlook or reality?

We think that sometimes people harbour an irritational fear of talking honestly and openly. To blow one’s trumpet can feel awkward. Equally, telling someone else that maybe, just maybe, they should stop doing something because … well, they’re simply not good at it, can be too painful that we just suck it up.

Deep down, we all know that transparency and working to each other’s strengths is the key to be successful in life.

So, is finding the right balance and knowing how to manage ourselves and others a naïve notion? We think not.

Strong, trusting relationships

Being a creative design agency is definitely one of our strengths. Before the pandemic struck, we shared an office, we shared stories about ourselves, we shared workloads – it’s fair to say we know each other extremely well and are well aware of our collective, and individual, talents.

Now, that we’ve adopted a remote style of working, and said a sad goodbye to our Chester office, we remain in constant contact with each other to keep our well-tuned culture well and truly alive.

Our strong working relationship ethic migrates into the relationships we have with our clients too. This empowers us to deliver the very best of us.

No one can be everything

The CEO of the highly successful underwear company, Spanx, Sara Blakely said, “The smartest thing I ever did in the early days was to hire my weakness.”

Shrewd words. Seeking support and developing a healthy level of collaboration and delegation should be a part of every growth strategy in our book – or the Haynes one that is yet to be written.

You can’t do it all. But is it in your best interest to ask a marketing agency to do it all?

The team here at Good Comms are highly experienced at producing creative and beautiful communications to catch the attention of your customers and help you sell your products or services.

We are also extremely well-versed when it comes to creating the ultimate strategy and providing insight.

Plus, we are just the right size to be proactive and responsive.

So, yeah, while we can do everything, the balance may be off. The one thing that is likely to restore balance, is an injection of the client’s strengths.

Striking the right balance

When I was little my parents always told me that if I wanted something I had to ‘work backwards’. It drove me mad at the time, but what a great lesson to learn. I still practice the same principles today in business: visualise the end goal and work out how you’re going to get it.

Figure out what you need and where the gaps are.

· But what if you fill in the gaps yourself, will it weaken the end result? Possibly.

· If you ask too much of someone, will they be able to perfectly recreate your vision? Probably not.

· And what if you were to identify exactly what to delegate but don’t give enough time? Then it will be rushed, and that will show.

Tricky, isn’t it.

Collaboration, Communications and Clarity

On every project or campaign we work on, our mission is always to create the ultimate designs and communications to make sure that the client achieves their goal.

To do this we need to work together to get the balance right. This is only possible through effective collaboration, clear communication and clarity on the purpose and objective of the task.

Next time you are looking for a creative agency, consider where your strengths lie. If you know your customers better than anyone else (which hopefully is the case), then it’s highly likely that you’re best placed to put together an insightful strategy leaving creatives like us to do the bits you can’t do.

Together we’re stronger. Working to our strengths make us stronger still.

Let’s talk.

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