I’d like to start this blog by giving a shout-out to all of my amazing clients. I’ve worked with many for several years and together we’ve built really strong working relationships. They’ve trusted my team to get into the core of their world. And it’s here, where we get a genuine insight into their needs and aspirations, that we can truly take the pressure off.

But it’s not just about supporting them with campaigns, giving back time and helping them manage projects and the like. It’s about filling in the gaps of their skillsets too.

The marketing teams that we work with are expected to be everything. They have to be curious, display innovate thinking, showcase constant creativity, demonstrate excellent people skills, the motivation to adapt, be analytical, project manage, be great communicators, be a team player and if that wasn’t enough, they’re to be sales-minded to boot.

Let’s just throw into the mix that there is so much going on in the world right now demanding their attention and they just don’t have enough time to react. They’re an awesome group of people, but is all of this sustainable all of the time?

No. It’s sounds like a recipe for missed opportunities. And too much pressure has the power to diminish enthusiasm and creativity for even the most exciting projects.

Taking on some of the load

To keep your marketing mojo levels high, it may make good sense to bring in an agency to elevate your ideas, thoughts, and plans to make sure that you consistently delight your customers.

The beauty about any successful working relationship is that it never stops growing. The more work we do for a client, the closer we become. The closer we become the more we understand their unique set of needs. And the more we understand, the better we can recognise ways that we can support them better.

We don’t have egos here at Good Comms, we just have an insane desire to give everything we can and to achieve this we keep a close eye on our clients. If we spot a crack appearing, we’ll be right there with the filler. We also keep up to date with what’s going on in their industry and suggest even more ways that they can get noticed by future customers.

Having an extra pair of eyes and ears, as well as an extra pair of hands can be invaluable. Especially, at a time when there are so many opportunities out there to grab.

What this looks like in real life

It’s important to note that we do indeed practice what we preach. As a small agency, we’re not bound by rules, this freedom allows us to be completely flexible to your requirements and gives us the ability to react quickly. We’re here to add value.

We recently took on an immense project. A client of ours asked for 42 versions (yes, you read that right) of a regulatory document to complement the various schemes that they were involved in at the time. This project was more than the creation of the documents, it was about helping the client manage their workload, taking the pressure off and freeing up brain space to focus on other elements of the project.

Want to keep reading?

Our blog ‘I Can See It But I Just Can’t Grab It’ reveals ways that the Good Comms team can help you make the most out of today’s opportunities.

Get in touch

If you’re looking to take the pressure of your team, get in touch with me and let’s chat about how we can start to build a great working relationship.

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