Free lunch, but you’re paying.

Image advertising Free Beer and a Free Lunch

There’s an old adage that goes something like this.

You can have it GOOD and FAST, but it will not be CHEAP.

You can have it GOOD and CHEAP, but it won’t be FAST.

You can have it FAST and CHEAP, but it won’t be GOOD.

Well, I like to think that you can actually have all three with no detriment to speed or quality and without paying a premium. And here’s why.

When your back is against the wall with deadlines looming and you need your agency to turn something around quickly we’ve all heard “Yes of course – but it will cost you”. You can almost hear the sound of your Account Director’s hands rubbing together with glee as they imagine how much extra bonus they will accrue for this project.

It’s almost as if an agency can smell your panic or desperation and subsequently they dust down the agency calculator and start adding zeros to your project costs.

If your creative design & marketing agency is agile enough then quick turnaround projects shouldn’t cost any more than normal. But the trouble is most large agency’s just aren’t agile in the least, they’re like giant oil tankers heading off across a vast ocean and they take an age to be reactive and to change course.

Because most agencies have processes and procedures (and rightly so) but these tend to work against the client rather than in their favour. Agency processes involve various levels of briefing, administration, job allocation, scheduling etc. Trying to drop in a ‘quickie’ to a bulging creative production list can sometimes be impossible. Believe me I have tried.

Coupled with all of that, large agencies just have so many additional costs that keep on adding up. Retainer fees, paying for attending a meeting (very common), paying for travel time and costs and even paying to open up a disk with artwork on it (seriously this happened). So much so that by the time your agency has taken you out for that ‘free lunch’ you’ve probably paid for it twice over.

It doesn’t stop there either, because a lot of agencies strive to look like they are successful in the mistaken belief that this will attract clients rather than the quality of their work and results it generates. So someone has got to pay for the palatial city centre offices, the fleet of German diesel guzzlers in the car park and the dozens of bums on seats with titles like Agency Assistant Account Executive, Junior Creative Art Director or Head of Style (and no I haven’t made that up).

Listen, I know big agencies deliver a raft of services that smaller agencies just don’t have, like research, account planning, media buying etc. But sometimes you just don’t need it all. You just need something turned around quickly and to get that monkey off your desk. No bells, no whistles and no fanfare.

That’s why I set up Good Comms nearly seven years ago. I’d worked in large agencies for a number of years and I could see how they delivered poor value for money and a service that was slow at best, but most times glacial. At Good Comms we have a highly flexible and direct way of working that means we react rapidly, move like lightning and we don’t charge a premium for doing so.

So you can have it good, you can have it fast and you can have it cheap, well you can with Good Comms anyway. And heck we may even throw in a sandwich!

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