The Art of Good Communications

pssst whispering in ear

The most interesting stories tend to be apocryphal but let’s not allow a small thing like the truth get in the way of a good story. Particularly one that makes such a lucid point.

As it goes, World War I was a pretty hectic place to be. So, when a British Army Commander messaged HQ with ‘SEND REINFORCEMENTS, WE’RE GOING TO ADVANCE’ it passed through so many layers that it was finally received as ‘SEND THREE AND FOURPENCE, WE’RE GOING TO A DANCE.’

And so it is with any message that gets passed through many chains of command, whether it be on the battlefield or at work. At Good Comms we do things a little differently. We allow the client to talk directly to the people who will be dealing with their request.

It works for us and it works for our clients who are only ever a call or an email away from the person at the coalface, responsible for bringing their brief to life.

We don’t do Chinese Whispers. We specialise in direct communication and so we communicate directly. That way, we cut out the “I wonder if he

/she means this?” and the “I don’t understand this bit – so I’ll ignore it”.

The client is part of our team and is involved in the creative process from the word ‘go.’

We understand the value of our client’s money and the importance of their time. We don’t go round the houses, we get straight to the front door. Our clients pay less because we’re carrying less bags, we take less time and we cut out the craziness. The end result is one that can be directly measured and one that ensures our clients enjoy Good Communications and fantastic creative marketing & design time and time again.

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