EA Technology - OpenLV Webinars

The creative team at Good Communications created 2x hour long webinars for EA Technology as part of a ground-breaking project to make local electricity data openly available.

The OpenLV project will benefit communities, individual and businesses across the UK.



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent increase in home working, businesses have been unable to hold their usual events or engage with their key stakeholders through direct mail marketing which has had a significant impact on the roll out of major business projects and innovation during the last year.


The Right Expertise

Webinar technology is increasingly being used to help businesses to engage with important stakeholders and creative design agency, Good Communications, has invested significantly in developing its webinar expertise in order to help its clients to develop new channels of communication and maintain these important business relationships.


How Did They Do It?

The Good Communications team began by undertaking some initial planning to develop the content and timing of the webinars and identified the most suitable webinar platform to use. They then wrote the scripts and developed the initial wire frames for the content.


The team then designed and built two presentations, one for each webinar, based around the OpenLV brand guidelines. This included a combination of animated slides, infographics, video content, audio and animated graphics. The final stage of the webinars’ development involved editing in pre-recorded audio and video footage.


Each presentation slide then had to be accurately timed to follow the scripts and to allow for a combination of live narration from a number of different presenters who were all based in different remote locations.


Finally, the Good Comms team developed communications materials to promote the events on LinkedIn as well as a dedicated email marketing campaign to drive attendance of the webinars. They then facilitated the broadcast of the webinars and provided the IT equipment required.


The Result

Good Communications provided an end-to-end solution and worked closely with the project team at EA Technology to deliver two highly successful webinars.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that there were up to 80% more people watching and taking part in the webinars than the client would normally see at a similar physical event. Plus, the costs were significantly lower than holding a physical event.

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