Sometimes Great Ideas take time, a little inspiration and often a lot of perspiration!  
All of which you may have a lack of when life gets busy.


But why does your existing agency take so long to do things when you need it all now?


We would like to say it’s because sometimes it takes forever and sometimes ideas can hit you when you least expect them. Maybe one of the minor benefits of working from home now is more bath time strategy. However, we believe there is far too much time spent on working your way through layers of account managers and the usual creative hierarchy long before any actual thinking gets done.

We get things done.


Cutting out the bureaucracy to get the work done is what we do. Imagine if Newton had to get three layers of sign-off, creative director approval and an allocated production slot before he finally got to sit under that tree. I guess it would have been rotten apples!


Big agency thinking. 

That’s what we are here for. Good Comms is a different kind of Marketing Agency. We are set up differently, so we can respond quickly, we flex immediately and we cut through the layers of red tape and dare we say smoke and mirrors that slow things down or dilute your brief. You deal with people who spend their time focussed on creating great ideas and delivering them simply and at speed. Plus on top of that because of the way we are set up, you get big agency thinking at a fraction of the cost.

Let us pick up the thinking whilst you take a break to sit under that tree... or get on with the other 100 things on your to do list.



So, if you’re looking for an urgent turnaround for your marketing activity then we will jump right on it, all in the time it takes to run a bath.

Call Andy Johns on 07793 270551 or send an email using the button.

Great ideas, simply, delivered.