Expelling Agency Myths

A business owner and two design agency representatives are sat in a networking group. No, this isn’t the start of a joke. If it were, quite frankly, I’d be embarrassed at the poor start. One representative is based in London and works in a fancy schmancy office. The other is the owner of a smaller agency from up north. The business owner is looking for an agency to work with – who do you reckon he went with? Was he taken in by the shiny trappings of a London office, or did they go with the solid northern agency? I’d like to think that the business owner would see the ‘fluff and glitz’ for what it is – no more than just an extra cost. What you pay for when hiring a small, local agency like ou

Back To The Office: but not as we know it

The coronavirus pandemic in some ways has fast-forwarded us into the future. The traditional, habitual, way of working has changed; workforces across the country have become more tech savvy and we’ve become protective of our time. Our lives exposed Go on, be honest now, do you feel a little disappointed when someone’s pet doesn’t turn up for a video call? Seeing each other pets, checking out books on bookshelves and generally having an insight into our colleagues’ and our customers’ homes has also changed the way we feel about each other. We all know that everyone has a life outside of their work, but it’s only when you actually see it that you start to feel a true authentic connection, mayb

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